Thanks to the employees of the City of St. Albert

To the Employees working for the City of St. Albert

October 26, 2017

I will still be around lots in the next couple weeks and as we see each other, I would like to touch base with as many of you as possible and offer my face to face heartfelt thanks. Let’s stop and chat.

I wish to thank each of the employees of the City for your service to the public and also for your support of me personally over the past 13 years. Heck, perhaps some of you may have even voted for me during the past 4 elections. Those who have come to know me, know that I attempt to serve with the eye to the betterment of St. Albert day in and day out; and I have come to know that you do equally do so.

I have said on so many occasions that the City has demonstrated a reputation of outstanding hiring, and for that, the community should be pleased and proud. The work ethic, technical knowledge, depth of professionalism and community contribution is and has been outstanding by the City employees for decades. This community is a product of many great groups, residents, volunteers, businesses and outstanding City staff who, for decades have worked to build a better tomorrow.

My 13 years on Council has deepened my faith and trust in City staff and I have no issue whatsoever with the departments, the Unions, the Management, the non-union staff etc. I say “keep up the great work”.

As Mayor, part of my job was to defend staff when I needed to and represent the community to the City Manager when I needed to. It is also part of my role to work with Council so that individually or collectively, staff members are treated with respect. I get pushed to the limit on this once in a while as we know!!

I know I have had a personal brand as a Mayor demanding excellence and demanding of the best possible results all the time. And you deliver! For that I say thank you.

As I close out this chapter, thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in the community in the years ahead; all of us deepening the Botanical Arts City brand.

And …….. no, I do not know what I am doing next!!

All the best and thanks

Nolan Crouse

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