For some people #service is “all in”

For some people, Service is “all in”

The life expectancy of a Canadian is 79-84 years old (up 20 years since 1920). In our lives we often meet people whose service to others is “all-in” it seems for their entire 80 years. Past City Councillor, Roger Lemieux’ brother (a priest) passed away a few years ago, and he lived his life “all-in”. He lived his life ‘poor’; giving during his lifetime to others (as a priest) serving the greater good, and God. You perhaps know others who served as such.

Sometimes that “all-in” is service to the Church, sometimes to a career, for some it is service to Persons with Disabilities, some to sports and more.

There is one trait that separates those who are “all-in” when compared to those who serve a cause. We can usually tell those who are “all-in” as their sacrifices are abundant and their service has them perceived by some as living a life out of balance.

Missionaries and priests often come to mind for those who are “all-in”. Some world health and literacy workers, some journalists and some military personnel are not only “all-in”, they lay their life on the line to be “all-in” in other countries where the risks are high.

As I learn more about those who sacrificed for the greater good of the world, a country, a cause, a province or a community, they have become my and perhaps your idols and role models.

When I was a young boy, my idols were hockey players such as Dave Keon and Bobby Hull. Their fame or “all-in” was fleeting however; all in to achieve their goals. Today my thoughts turn to people like Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. They were all-in. There are so many more sacrificing self for service.

In St. Albert, a woman named Wendy Stiver appeared “all-in” for Special Olympics for almost 30 years. She passed away in 2014. The world and St. Albert is a better place because of people like Wending being “all-in”.

Thanks to anyone who we see as “all in” for service to others.



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