The public servant; please substitute his/her interchangeably as it is an old version

The Public Servant

The public servant as you know,

Is watched wherever he/she may go;

Though he/she be faithful all day long,

His critics still maintain he’s wrong.

He must be kind and courteous too,

In every job that he may do;

He must not speak an unkind word

Though folks to him may seem absurd.

The public make unfair demands,

But it’s the same in other lands;

They seldom give a word of praise,

And view with scorn a salary raise,

In extra work that he may do,

To help the many, not the few,

For this they seldom care a whit,

But say: “He’s getting paid for it.”

A public servant meets the man,

Who’d try to work some scheme or plan,

To seek his aid to gain renown;

Then be the first to turn him down.

Too often critics make remarks,

That wound their fellow-servant hearts;

Remember this, that great or small,

He’s only human after all.

Too oft we see the type of man

Who’d spoil some noble person’s plan;

But he who makes unfair attacks

True manly courage always lacks;

So would it not be better far

To view conditions as they are;

And weigh his actions one by one,

And judge the man by what he’s done.



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