the Botanical Arts City #stalbert

St. Albert Brand Promise

One of the most beautiful cities in Alberta, St. Albert has long been recognized as a community of choice for people to move to and live in.

Known for its beautiful downtown gardens and public art, ongoing beautification efforts, the Botanic Park, and the Hole’s Enjoy Centre, located adjacent to the Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park, St. Albert is Canada’s Botanical Arts City.

With the botanical arts as a foundation, the city is rapidly becoming the home for innovation in green living and sustainable development, working to attract business involved in the design, manufacturing and distribution of environmentally–conscious goods and services.

St. Albert is easily worth a special trip and an extended stay to learn the art of garden design, green space planning, outdoor living and how to effectively blend stewardship of the environment with industry and recreational living. A community dedicated to all types of art, recreation and with a balanced lifestyle, St. Albert offers everyone an outstanding opportunity to cultivate life.

Short Version

As Canada’s Botanical Arts City, St. Albert truly embodies a sustainable living philosophy. The community is renowned for its botanical arts, its commitment to green lifestyle and the cultivation of activities that provide for a well-rounded quality of life.



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