Judge Ruling


You may or may not be aware that a resident brought forward an application to the courts and a judge has heard arguments by the applicant to have me removed from office for pecuniary interest on 3 matters and the judge ruled today in my favour and I am thrilled that this matter is behind me. CASE Closed.

It is hard to summarize 16 pages, so indeed I select some salient points – one point from each of these 3 matters.

Judge’s quotes: – one each matter

1. “Mayor Crouse’s violation of pecuniary interest rules was a technical violation. In my opinion disqualification in these circumstances would be unreasonably harsh, unjust and entirely inappropriate.”
2. “In my view that Mayor Crouse had a pecuniary interest was not obvious. I am satisfied that disqualification of Mayor would be out of all proportion to the seriousness of his violation. That violation was in the circumstances, technical.”
3. “It has not been proved that he had a pecuniary interest in the matters considered by Council in that context.”

My learning more than anything else I will share another day as I have much that Council members in Alberta could learn from. That for another day; CASE CLOSED


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