This is the follow up to the tragedy that took the life of Darian Mar

Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety

Action Plan


On June 8, 2017, a young teen cyclist was in a fatal collision. The Mayor provided the following through a news release:

“As per the Mayor’s request, Administration will conduct a complete review of the incident. The City will examine and assess roadway engineering, pedestrian, cyclist and motorist education in schools and for the public, as well as enforcement. Best practices that enhance pedestrian/cyclist safety will also be reviewed. The City will determine specific actions in the coming weeks once the RCMP investigation is completed”.


Administration has developed an action plan to outline the scope of the review requested. This plan is meant to provide the preliminary scope of the review and will be updated as we have more information. This plan will outline the process used to identify proactive enhancements to improve the existing programs and system in place to mitigate future cyclist and pedestrian incidents from occurring.


The City will examine and assess roadway engineering, pedestrian, cyclist and motorist education in schools and for the public, as well as enforcement. Best practices that enhance pedestrian/cyclist safety will also be reviewed.

Included in this Action Plan is a GANTT chart that articulates the seven phases, and respective actions, of Administration’s review. The seven phases included are:

· Psycho-social Support (led by Community and Social Development)

· Collision Investigation (led by Policing Services)

· Communications Plan (led by Corporate Communications and Design)

· Traffic Network Assessment (led by Engineering Services)

· Engineering Controls (led by Engineering Services)

· Administrative Controls (led by Community and Protective Services)

· Monitoring, Administration & Reporting (led by Corporate Planning)


Administration foresees some costs may be absorbed within existing budget (as provided through the Safe Journeys to School program) but there is a strong likelihood that some programs and initiatives that may arise will require City Council’s approval before Administration proceeds with implementation. These requests will be brought forward to Council during the 2018-2020 business planning and budget cycle.

Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan
Task Description Status
Psycho-Social Support Network Community and Social Development In Progress
Resident Supports (Sports Activities) Support was provided to the St. Albert Rams Lacrosse Tournament. Both on-site presence and resources were provided. Completed
School Community Supports The City has offered support services to the school of the teen (Sir George Simpson), and any other schools requesting support in weeks to come, to help those affected by this tragedy. Upcoming
First Responder Supports Critical Incident Stress Management Services have been offered to the City’s first responders. Upcoming
Employee Supports City staff who knew the family and/or whose children attend the same school with the teen can access any individual or family counselling through the City’s Employee and Family Assistance Program, Shepell FGI. Upcoming
Social Media Campaign Education campaign on social media – website, tweet, Instagram, Facebook – posted and retweeting messages on how to talk to children about tragedy. Upcoming
Resident Supports (Resources) Provided written communication (resources) for parents and school personnel Upcoming
Support City Administration Provide additional support to City Administration as required. Upcoming
School and Community Groups – Continued Support Continue to provide support to school and community groups as requested. Provide resources and referrals. Upcoming
School Presentations Consider developing a series of groups / presentations as appropriate in the new school year. Related subject matter. Upcoming
Collision Investigation Policing Services In Progress
Conduct a Collision Investigation RCMP to complete an incident summary, preliminary investigation and final investigation into the event. This information will be supplied to the City of St. Albert and integrated into the Engineering and Administrative controls development. Upcoming
Communications Plan Communications In Progress
Key Message Development Development of key messages as part of the delivery of communications to both the community and internal staff. Completed
Administrative Press Release Develop an administrative press release to be shared with the community. Completed
Identify appropriate delivery channels for public information dissemination All delivery channels will be reviewed and appropriate channels will be identified to ensure the community has all relevant information as appropriate. Upcoming
Develop public engagement strategy A public engagement strategy will be developed to ensure that the community is heard in development of the "Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan". Upcoming
Monitoring Media and Social Media All City media and social media accounts will be monitored in relation to the incident. Key messages will be delivered to media and the community as required. Upcoming
Traffic Network Assessment Engineering In Progress
Detailed Engineering Safety Assessment of the collision location and vicinity area The review will include all roadways in the vicinity of the location of the incident (i.e. Grenfell Avenue: from Gresham Blvd to Grosvenor Blvd; Grosvenor Blvd: from Glenmore Cres to Grandville Ave). Locations would be full road segments, inclusive of intersections.

The purpose of this is to evaluate the location of the incident in the context of the surroundings, to look at human factors, aspects of consistency and expectation, and to understand the road user experience as they approach the area.

Within this site investigation, will be identification of condition criteria that may be applied for city wide review.

Review of City- wide process in responding to severe incident occurrences on public roadways and trail systems (reporting / investigation) Review of engineering investigation details and process to evaluate safety and conditions following incident occurrences. Upcoming
Engineering Issues and Recommendations Engineering In Progress
Recommendations of Safety Improvements – City Wide Engineering components will be identified and scoped based upon the information provided as a result of both the Collision Investigation and the Traffic Network Assessment. These will be brought forward to Council for approval as part of the 2018 budget. Upcoming
Administrative Controls (Sustained and Budgeted Campaigns) Community and Protective Services In Progress
School Education (Bike safety, Safe crossing, etc) The Policing department actively delivers Bike Safety and Cross Walk Safety – Point, Pause, Proceed presentations with it’s school partners, Public, Catholic and Francophone. Targeted age is between K-2. This is done annually upon request of the school. Sigis After School Care and St. Albert Public After School Care (located within the schools) request regular Bike Safety talks from the City in May-June each year. Upcoming
Summer Camps (Bike safety, play safe, road way safety) The Policing department performs Bike Rodeos (safety presentation and bike obstacles) to Summer Day Camps every year. Members will also speak about Cross Walk Safety (Point, Pause, Proceed). Upcoming
Public Education Campaigns (Safety, security, etc) Cart & Bike Patrol make regular visits to the Skate park, where the members speak with the youth about riding Bikes, Skate Boards and Scooters safely, along with the importance of wearing helmets when actively engaging in these sports. Enforcement for bike helmets is performed as well. Upcoming
Enforcement Campaigns – Return to School (Playground zones, school zones, crosswalks) The Policing department attends all elementary schools throughout the start up of school in September, reminding students/parents about safe parking, cross walk safety – point, pause, proceed and bike & helmet safety to those showing up on their bikes. Also, engaging with students who are coming off the school buses, ensuring they are proceeding safely. Traffic/MES and GD resources increase patrols in school zones during month of September. Upcoming
Legislation and Best Practices Review A review of applicable legislation and best practices will be conducted to identify potential improvements with regards to road/lane interfaces; pedestrian/cyclist integration and school buses. Upcoming
Monitoring, Administration and Reporting Corporate Planning In Progress
Provision of Action Plan as June 12 Emergent Item Develop a "Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan" to identify the work that the City is leading into reducing these instances from occurring in the future. This plan will be presented to Council on June 12, 2017 as an emergent item. Completed
Monitoring and Reporting Administration will continue to monitor and report on the "Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan" as progress is achieved. Upcoming

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