PC Party of Alberta

March 18, 2017

Let me begin by congratulating Mr. Jason Kenney on becoming the new Leader of the PC Party of Alberta. Mr. Kenney’s dedication and resolve to redirect the Wildrose and PC Parties is well-known, and I sincerely wish him well in this new position.

Many of you are aware I have chosen to further dedicate myself to public service by wishing to serve Albertans as the next leader of today’s Alberta Liberals.

I know Albertans are seeking a modern political party that celebrates Alberta’s diversity, recognizes moderate ideologies, and values fiscal prudence. This is my vision of the Alberta Liberal Party, and it is needed now more than ever before.

Currently, Alberta’s larger, mainstream political parties represent divergent views with ideologies that are in stark contrast with one another. This creates an unfortunate situation for Albertans who are forced to choose between extremes.

However, Albertans do have a better option: the Alberta Liberal Party. This is the one party that continues to demonstrate moderation, fiscal prudence, and inclusion, which represent today’s values in our province. The Alberta Liberals are the smart and common sense choice for Albertans.

We are re-building 87 teams to represent you, and form a province-wide team to champion the true wishes of most Albertans – something no other party offers.

As a proven leader, I believe I can lead Albertans in bringing people together and creating policies that are helpful and fair to everyone, and not tied to political right or left ideologies.

As Leader, I will work with you. Together we will strengthen our Alberta and ensure we stay at the forefront as a leading province. Together we can create more opportunities for families, for business, and for Albertans, young and old and that excites me!

Alberta is better and stronger when we stand together in unity. I invite you join this important and exciting movement. I welcome and encourage all PC party members to review our Alberta Liberal website, take out a membership and stay in touch over the coming months. Leadership nominations close on March 31, 2017. I appreciate your support.


Nolan Crouse

Stay in touch!

Website: www.nolancrouse.com

Donate: www.nolancrouse.com

Email: nolan

Phone: 780.405.9917

Twitter: @Nolan_Crouse

Facebook: Nolan Crouse

LinkedIn: Nolan Crouse

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