Alberta Liberal Party Leadership Bid @ABLiberal

March 1, 2017

It is with excitement and great optimism that I share with you and all Albertans, that all processes have been completed, I have satisfied all the requirements, and I am now an official Candidate seeking the Leadership of the Alberta Liberal Party.

My interest to help others through public and community service has been paramount throughout my life, and this is an opportunity to do so in another important way, at a very critical time. My role and responsibility serving as Mayor of the City of St. Albert will continue fully until the end of my term, although as I previously announced, I will not be seeking re-election in the fall of 2017.

The Alberta Liberal Party knows it is an important time to establish itself as the most progressive and moderate political choice for Albertans. Recently, the Alberta Liberal Party announced the beginning of this new chapter with its intent to choose the Party’s next Leader in June, replacing Dr. David Swann.

Over the last several weeks while contemplating my decision, I met with many Albertans to hear their perspectives, and I experienced an overwhelming level of enthusiasm for an active, engaging and modern Liberal Party in Alberta.

Most of you expressed Albertans’ values of inclusiveness, dignity, integrity, pragmatism, stability, and economic responsiveness – all values that resonate deeply with me.

These values, together with concerns expressed by some, are what is motivating me to lead the Party and work with you to help create an even stronger Alberta for us all.

I personally believe it is of interest to all Albertans that the Alberta Liberal Party creates a modern gateway where we respect ideological differences, celebrate our diversity and find ways to better represent Albertans politically. After all, that is today’s Alberta, and Alberta is better together; a Province of middle-class citizens.

Having had the privilege of serving 4 terms on Council, 3 terms (10 Years) as Mayor, and 5 years as Chair of the Capital Region Board, I understand the challenges that residents and municipalities face. Whether it be large, small, rural and urban, I appreciate the necessity for economic vitality in our province, and I equally care about the range of circumstances and needs facing Alberta’s most vulnerable.

As an experienced business person, experienced leader, husband, father, grandfather and lifelong Albertan, I care very much about our Province’s success. To me, the Alberta Liberal Party represents both today’s progressive values along with well-grounded ideals.

To serve Alberta as the volunteer Alberta Liberal Party Leader is an opportunity I take to heart, and I look forward to connecting with more Albertans in the weeks ahead.

If you wish to get involved, donate, ask questions, or provide input, I encourage you to contact me, available in a variety of ways

Twitter @Nolan_Crouse
Phone 780 405 9917
Facebook Nolan Crouse
LinkedIn Nolan Crouse

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